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While headaches are typically caused by muscle tightening of the neck and scalp (e.g. tension headache), persistent or frequent headaches are often indicators of a deeper neurological issue. Often this may be the only noticeable symptom for many patients. It is important to have abnormal headaches evaluated before they go on for too long.

MigrainesĀ are different than a typical headache in that they are caused by dilation of blood vessels in the brain, and are chemically related.

Migraines heavily impact quality of life, no matter what the age. For infrequent migraine attacks, there are migraine specific pain-relieving medications which are not available to the public, and which should only be taken with a review program from a doctor to ensure proper dosage.

For frequent suffers of migraines, there are preventative medicines which, by matching with your physiology and the pain symptoms, can be effective in significantly reducing the attacks, considerably improving your quality of life.

To discuss your headache and migraine issue with a doctor, you can simply click the book appointment button below.

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